History of Odunpazari Houses

Odunpazarı Houses are in the area of oldest settlement of Eskisehir, Odunpazari district, are the houses which are dated back to the Ottoman period. In Byzantine period, the city known as the city of Dorylaion and in the year 1176 the city conquered the Seljuk rulers named Eskişehir; it stayed long time as Sultanönü Sancağı. From Byzantium till Seljuk, and from Ottoman period to the Republic period, the city which got extended has its first and most important housing settlement is Odunpazari. Odunpazari, which is also known as Karacaşe in history, has been built on the hills of the southern part of Eskişehir.

Nowadays, protecting Ottoman values and the traces of Ottoman empire within the city; meandering paths, dead-end streets, regular wood trims adjacent traditional bay homes, the history has been lived in the Odunpazari house until today and it continues to live carefully.